"The One Club reviewed ten years of pencil-winning One Show Interactive entries and chose the seventy five most creative and influential pieces."
Digital Decade Gala at MoMA, January 11 2010.

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In the 2008 annual publication for the event, the jury members had to choose there favourite piece from all the different winners that year and explain why. Eight of the 26 members chose "be oNline B".

Sophia Lindholm
Forsman & Bodenfors / Stockholm
Finally, the Internet as a media is allowed to be emotional. I loved this piece from the first time I saw it and the simplicity of the approach blew me away. Of everything I saw in the One Show Interactive this year, be oNline B was the one entry that really moved me.

I have to say that I like lite fact that it is no technical innovation. With simple interaction and beautiful design it made me interact with the brand â in this case the band itself â and I really enjoyed it.

It is a great push for the whole music industry, and on top of being a greatly entertaining experience, it's a beautiful piece with fantastic flash production.


Sean Lam

Kinetic / Singapore
It isn't very often that a website leaves you feeling like you want to be an art studenf all over again. There is a Zen-like quality about this production that just pulls you in like a moth to the light. I know it's not a fair comparison, but in a sea of commercial, advertising and information-overloaded websites, this beautifully crafted and emotionally engaging website gets my vote. It's truly a breath of fresh air.


Bjorn Hoglund

Daddy / Gothenburg
Emotionally I really think Arcade Fire's interactive, beautiful and truly groundbreaking piece for their song "Neon Bible" stands out this year â partly for its potential to really change the way the music industry markets their products. A segment of marketing that sadly hasn't improved much since, well, Ray Cokes was last seen on MTV.

But of course also for its impressive emotional impact on the viewer. And the more than excellent production. Now, Iet's hope the inrfustry takes notice. They need to.


David Lee
Wieden+Kennedy / London
If you asked me what is missing with all the interactive work out there today, I would have to say that there is very little work that brings out any real emotion online.

We have great utlitarian work, great progressive technology being pushed out there, but sometimes you just want something that will bring a little smile to your face and this is exactly what this interactive music video did.

Koichiro Tanaka

Projector / Tokyo
When I hear, see and interact with this work, my relationship to the piece is built upon my need of affection and the emotion of "wanting to be wanted".
Loneliness. This is a very delicate transient and beautiful emotion that exists in me as well as in everyone else.


Mark Chalmers

Simple is good, and after clicking through over 3000 pieces of work, many exceptional. This isthe piece that stood the longest overnight test with me.


Executionally it's reminiscent of a mime artist against a black screem just hands and head showing , and that makes an easy point of focus amongst the maelstrom of information online.

Unlike many interactive campaings, visually there aren't many 'bits'. So add a sountrack and Win Butler' the charismatic singer of Arcade Fire, and you've got a simple mix
that already takes you into a rhythm.

It's always irresistible to have a little click, so you sort of join in, then Win the 'mime man' produces playing cards, they flow from one hand to anoter, you join in, they flow back. It's an almost hypnotic state to play with this online video. And essentially it's thoroughly enjoyable.

Is it worthy an award? Yes, because interactive music videos were until now, an overlooked arena, and this piece of work will definitely inspire some winners next year.


Nicke Bergstrom

Farfar / Stockholm
We live in a time where it often feels as if big production budgets are needed to stand out in award shows and where campaigns are so complex that a big presentation is needed to explain the logical reasoning behind the creation.

The site for Neon Bible is the opposite.

It stands on its own and it has the ability to get under your skin make you feel emotionally bonded.

Neon Bible is a refreshingly strong production that takes you back to simple interaction and wonderful art direction. It is a piece that didn't need the big budget and that could have been done just as beautifully five years ago (but no one did it).

Here we have a great idea that is genuinely rewarding to interact with and and that has an emotional impact.


Mauricio Alarcon

Crispin Porter + Bogusky / Miami
Since it's not appropriate to vote for a campaign of your own agency, I'll have to keep the vote for Domino's BFD Builder inside my pocket and give it to a brilliant idea that doesn't come from the advertising inducstry: Arcade Fire's Neon Bible video clip.